Korean Sexy Girl IU to release new album in September + holds first fan meeting!

Singer IU commemorated her 1004th day since her debut with her first fan meeting.
On June 18th, IU opened her fan meeting “It’s a ‘Good Day’ with IU” at the AX Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. IU confessed,
“Because it is my first time meeting my fans upclose, it is true that I am worrying… When they first started talking about a fan meeting at work, I got really worried. The reason is that in a short time I have to show a different side of me. I heard there were 1090 seats of totally my fans, my side, I’m nervous and happy because it is my first time being with [only] people who like me.“
When IU was asked with regards to it being her 1004th day, she said,
“I don’t know what to say… There were hard times and there were happy times. Overall it was quite comfortable and I’m glad that I spent the last 1004 days without any big complications.“
IU debuted in 2008 and was noted for her vocal talent and musical sensitivity. At the same time, her cute appearance made her one of the nation’s little sisters.
IU expressed her gratitude and regretful heart to her fans that she met up-close for the first time. She said,
“I am so thankful when fans remember my anniversary’s that even I can’t remember. Also, I was moved by the songbook and scrapbooks I’ve received of my activities thus far. Because I am a solo singer, there is much less fandom than for a group. So when I go to a venue with a lot of singers, I feel sorry when my fans only get a few tickets. I often think that I need to work harder to get my fans more seats at these concerts.“
She also revealed details regarding her next album saying,
“My new album will be a full-length album. It may take a while because I’m planning to include some of my own songs. I think I will be able to meet with you all with a new album in September.“
As this was IU’s first fan meeting, there were a variety of events prepared for ther 1,000 fans. Also, all profits from the fan meeting is planned to be donated, making this event have a more meaningful.



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